Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies is the international research college of the University of Freiburg. As an integral part of the university, the Institute unites under its roof the humanities and social sciences, medicine, the natural and life sciences, and engineering.


FRIAS offers leading academics (Senior Fellows) as well as outstanding early-stage researchers (Junior Fellows) from Freiburg and around the world the opportunity to concentrate exclusively on their (individual or joint) research projects for a certain  period of time. It is in this way that the Institute creates a unique space and atmosphere for research within the university, enriches the global network of Freiburg-based researchers, and enhances the international visibility of the research conducted at the University of Freiburg. Particular attention is paid to promoting promising young academics, with FRIAS creating ample opportunities for them to build international networks by engaging in inspirational discussions and collaborative research with the members of the Fellow community across disciplines and (not just academic) cultures.

FRIAS invites renowned scholars from around the world to Freiburg, offering a setting in which they can dedicate themselves to an inspiring research project or publication of their choice. Here, they are provided with a stimulating working environment, comprehensive support for their project, quiet offices meeting their individual demands as well as access to extremely well-equipped labs.

Funding Programmes

FRIAS enables academics to enjoy short-term research stays in Freiburg. The fellowship programme is aimed at both outstanding established academics and promising junior researchers (minimum requirement: doctorate) from Freiburg, Europe and around the world. There are various ways of applying for a fellowship at FRIAS. Some are conducted alongside foreign partner institutes or funded by external sources. In principle, all fellowship programmes are open to applicants from all disciplines at the University of Freiburg.

External Senior Fellowships are offered a full-time fellowship at FRIAS. Internal Senior Fellows (i.e. fellows from within the University of Freiburg) are offered a part-time fellowship, allowing them to reduce their teaching duties by 50%. Junior Fellows, on the other hand, are offered a full-time fellowship, through appointment directly to FRIAS or by funding replacements for their teaching responsibilities. Further specific regulations apply to fellows from outside of the University.

Living and working at FRIAS

FRIAS is located in a modern building within walking distance of Freiburg´s historic city centre and the main buildings of the university. The institute provides its fellows with modern office space and an up-to-date infrastructure. Accommodation is available through the university guest house and additional centrally located apartments. Fellows have full access to all library services from one of the leading German university libraries. Comprehensive support includes student assistants and support with conference organisation. Experimental science researchers benefit from the most modern infrastructures and resources of our university. Special attention is drawn to supporting fellows who plan to come to Freiburg together with their families.​


Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies
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