Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study

How to apply

5 Steps Application Procedure


Step 1: Information

Applications will have to be sent before January 15th to have a chance to be submitted to the NetIAS in the next April business meeting.


Step 2: Pre-screening

The NetIAS Secretariate/President pre-screen applications before January 30th in order to estimate if they fulfil NetIAS eligibility criteria.


Step 3: Visit

Based on a positive assessment by NetIAS Secretariate/President, one NetIAS member will be asked to visit the applying institute and to report to the NetIAS Secretariate. The applying institute will pay for the visit costs.


Step 4: Invitation

Based on a positive assessment report by the NetIAS member, a representative of the applying Institute will be invited to present by videoconference its application to the NetIAS assembly in April.


Step 5: Assessment

Two NetIAS members will lead the discussion and a simple majority vote will be held on membership.


Information Requested from Applying IAS


A detailed note will have to be transmitted to the NetIAS Secretariate before January 15th with the following information.  




- Legal status and overall institutional background information (history, connection to local/national research entities, etc.)

- Direction (leadership, board of trustees, scientific advisory board, staff composition)

- Conditions offered to fellows (monthly stipend, accommodation, related services)

- Facilities (location, description)

- Budget (distinguish fellowships, staff, other direct costs, other indirect costs)

- Breakdown of financial resources (name the most important partners)




- Description of the IAS scientific ambition and priorities.

- Description of fellows’ interaction to spur collegiality and interdisciplinarity.

- Key facts and numbers:

  • Number of applications received per year
  • Number of invited fellows
  • geographic origins (in %)
  • International vs. national fellows. Permanent fellows? Fellows from your home institution?
  • Junior (up to 10 years after Ph.D) vs. Senior fellows
  • Individual fellowships vs. groups invitations




- Description of call for applications (open calls? flagged fellowships? geographic priorities? etc.)

- Description of the selection process (criteria, evaluation, final decision).